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In 2010, member, David McDonald, was in the process of commencing a new Branch County history book. In his early research work, he came across several pieces of information that had been accumulated and saved at the Wing House Museum on people and events within the community. From this, he commenced writing a newspaper article called “Historically Speaking”. As research for the history book brought about information on a number of people and events from the community’s past, it provided easy material for his newspaper articles. Thus, began a series of articles shared with the community.

The following represent many of those articles on people, events, and homes from within Branch County. The goal is to preserve these historic stories for future generations. So that they may come to know about the lives of the people who converted a piece of the new Michigan Territory into the county we would know as Branch County.

This section will, hopefully, be an ongoing accumulation of stories, so check back on a regular basis for additions. If you have a topic of interest on people, places, and events of Branch County, pass the idea along to Dave, and the next story may be an answer to your question.

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