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  1. Shelley Zalewski
    May 24, 2020 @ 4:40 pm

    I would like to hear about the Civil War horse that is buried in the Coldwater Cemetery. I would also like to know how to find his grave. I was told that each Memorial Day a group of people honor his memory along with the fallen soldiers from Branch County.


    • David Mcdonald
      May 6, 2021 @ 11:16 am

      Hello Shelley, I am very sorry to say that your message was lost during a program change and I just found it.

      Yes, there is a memorial stone in the Oak Grove Cemetery (old side, north of Chicago Road) dedicated to “Old Sam”. No, it is not his grave site. It was illegal to bury animals in the cemetery and the horse had to be brought there in the night. His grave was along the edge of the cemetery near the site of several C.W. veterans. He was buried and the grave camouflaged so it could not be found. There is a plaque in the 4-Corners Park in downtown Coldwater presently, but it is being removed from its present location. Unfortunately, the plaque has many errors in its content. If you have access to the new Branch County History Book,BRANCH COUNTY, THEN and NOW, 1800-2016, go to page 358 and you will find the story “Legend of Old Sam”. It will give you the factual story of the horse rather than the fable. If you are interested in the book, click on the ‘SHOP’ tab and you can purchase one through PayPal. There is a military memorial each year in Coldwater that starts downtown, then goes to the Coldwater River for the flower toss in memory of Naval veterans (a tradition that my grandmother started), then to the pavilion in the old Oak Grove for dedication, and finally to the new Oak Grove Cemetery across the highway for military remembrance. There is nothing specific done about Old Sam. Last item you requested, the Sam memorial stone. When you go through the iron gate entrance to the old Oak Grove, go to the second drive going left. The memorial will be on your left along the edge of the lane. Many C.W. veterans can be seen buried further behind that stone. Regards, DLMCD


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